My Leonard Nimoy Tribute

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  There are very few people who have done more for science than Leonard Nimoy.  He probably has gotten more people interested in science than Albert Einstein, Bill Nye, and Apollo program combined.  I remember in 7th grade, I joined… Read More »My Leonard Nimoy Tribute

Contest prep, week 1

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Scooby’s Men’s Physique Contest Prep – week 1 (see week zero) So, the easy weight loss is done. I dropped 5 pounds in the first week of 20% caloric deficit and going from a high carb to a controlled carb diet  (see why weight loss… Read More »Contest prep, week 1


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A lot of people seem to be relying on labdoor these days to choose their supplements … and thats good?  Maybe.  Yes the supplement industry is completely unregulated so the only way to make sure you are not getting poisoned with mercury or arsenic is… Read More »Labdoor

How to get back to sleep

For me its often easy to get to sleep but I wake up numerous times during the night.  Many people understand how important sleep is in bodybuilding for not only muscle gain but for sleep loss as well.  The problem is that they are busy… Read More »How to get back to sleep