Hollywood gives relief to teen self esteem

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After decades of featuring men with physiques that are completely un-obtainable naturally, today I saw the first time of a turn around in “Jupiter Ascending”.  Teen heart-throb Channing Tatum is in shape, but has a completely obtainable physique.  Finally, a good physique role model for teens and young men!  Is this a trend or an anomalous blip?  Because teen boys insecurity is at an all time low, we can only hope its a trend. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dwayne_Johnson_2 Ferrigno-Hercules


By the way, I LOVE Science Fiction but “Jupiter Ascending” is probably the most appallingly horrible waste of computer graphics of all time.  … or as I put it after seeing it yesterday:

The best movie about Jupiter I have seen this week!


  • Casting – great
  • Acting – great
  • Effects – completely overkill and annoying
  • Screenwriting – huh?

The only reason that we didnt walk out of the movie was that we were with another couple and didnt want to ruin the movie for them. After the movie, we found out they felt exactly the same way.