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Scooby Werkstatt

People always are inquiring how they can ask me questions.  Here is your opportunity to ask me anything you want in a safe, troll-free environment, private environment – completely FREE!  Get training advice, nutritional advice, fashion advice on hats, or just shoot the breeze with me in the chatroom.   After 18 months of constant improvement, I now have a great, free and private environment set up – give it a try!

Unlike the crippled free memberships I had for last years success stories contest, this is a fully featured free membership trial. I will personally answer all the questions you post!  You also have full access to the live chat room along with all these benefits.   I am confident you will like what you find so much that you will want to stick around, but if not, just cancel in the first 30 days to avoid any charges, you can ask a LOT of questions in 30 days! :)

30 day free trial

Note: You must have a valid PayPal account set up to start a free trial. If you have any troubles signing up, please post in the below Facebook thread: