Healthy Airport Food For Bodybuilders

You don't have to blow your nutrition while flying as there are healthy choices available everywhere if you are willing to look beyond the ubiquitous McDonalds. I now have a layover in Tokyo and although I was momentarily tempted by the deep fried tempura I opted for this incredibly healthy sushi. OK, I know brown rice would have been better than white rice but I didn't want to cause an international diplomatic incident by asking a professional sushi chef to use brown rice. My guess is that would be about as well received as asking for a bottle of catchup at a five star French restaurant.

I perfectly planned my protein powder and protein bars. I ran out of protein powder last night and I have one protein bar left for the 13hr flight to Seattle.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that you can always find healthy, high protein options at airports all over the workd if you are willing to expand your comfort zone a bit.

I am really looking to finishing up my "staying fit while traveling" series!!