butt training

OK, its not what you think. This isnt about working out the glutes, this is about preparing the butt for long distance cycling. On June 5th I do the 600 mile lifecycle which is 100 miles a day which sounds like a lot but it… Read More »butt training

Your home-made home gym

Have you made your own workout equipment? Your own home gym? Have you used car wheels, pipes, and junkyard stuff to build your own gym? I have been so inspired lately with some of my facebook fans creativity lately that I decided I had to… Read More »Your home-made home gym

Scooby Poo-Bars

Healthy Meal Replacement Bars for Students And Other Busy People Most of you understand that for gaining muscle its very important to have frequent small well balanced meals but many of you are too busy to cook 6 meals a day. These protein bars are… Read More »Scooby Poo-Bars