sweat4health virtual 5k virtual 5k race this Saturday, March 19th 2016, where we all race against ourselves! This weekend at sweat4health we are doing a virtual 5k competition and the way it works is that everyone is going to race on Saturday to set a benchmark. Later… Read More »sweat4health virtual 5k

Modesty and Speedos

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Are you “too modest” to wear a speedo? My guess is that the real issue is that you are too embarrassed! America needs to take a chill-pill and relax a bit when it comes to the human body. Read full article on Speedos and Puritans!

Meet Scooby in Bendigo and Melbourne

Sat 05/3/2016 16:00 Bendigo The Schaller Studio Lobby just chatting Tue 08/3/2016 17:30 Melbourne St Patrick’s Cathedral, main entrance just chatting