sweat4health virtual 5k

Sweat4health.com virtual 5k race this Saturday, March 19th 2016, where we all race against ourselves!

This weekend at sweat4health we are doing a virtual 5k competition and the way it works is that everyone is going to race on Saturday to set a benchmark. Later this summer we will race again and everyone will try to beat their benchmark time by as much as possible. THIS is good competition! Your best competition is yesterdays you. You dont need to join sweat4health to do this with us, just get out your favorite smartphone GPS running app and go for a run this Saturday March 19th. Run 5k and record your time here on this post.

Then after you have measured your current 5k time this Saturday come up with a good training plan and run, run, run! Work on improving your time. Do interval training. Lose bodyfat to make yourself not only faster but healthier too! In 4-6 weeks we will announce the date for final race where we will all see how much we have improved over our March 19th time. The most improved time will find themselves with a signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt!

sweat4health virtual 5k race