Meet Scooby In San Francisco!

Meet Scooby In San Francisco Saturday March 19, 11am at the Warming Hut Cafe at Crissy Field!

The meet and greet immediately follows The Super Run 5k race where we all do the race in superhero costumes. I am doing this 5k superhero race as part of the sweat4health virtual 5k race where we all race against ourselves!! The race starts at 9am and the meet and greet is at Warming Hut Cafe at Crissy Field 11am following the completion of The Super Run!


If you dont want to run but want to cheer me on, below is the race route. I you are cheering me on, please do not give away my hidden identity by yelling out things like “Le cookies are ready”, “Skateboard squatz” or “Spit it out!” Please just call our “cardio kilz gains!”!