Uncle Scooby’s New YouTube Channel

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Uncle Scooby

I have started a new YouTube channel called “Uncle Scooby” where I give my fitness, health, and life advice. I have over 30 years of lifting experience and over 50 years of life experience. I have seen a lot of mistakes, made a lot of mistakes, and learned from them all. Honest, direct advice and tough love is what this channel is about.

The whole idea behind this channel came from a fan in Vienna Austria who said that he always thought of me as his favorite Uncle. Parents love their kids and try their best to guide their kids in on the proper path but sometimes the frenetic activity of day to day life doesnt leave time for discussion of the important issues like money, health, happiness, careers, and relationships – the things we will talk about on this channel. Everyone is very protective of their kids and I have always thought of my subscribers as my own kids which is why I get really pissed when the likes of sixpackscamcuts takes advantage of them with deceptive advertising. Anyway, “Uncle Scooby” is a channel where I can give the same advice I would give my own kids.

My old channel “Scooby1961” will be strictly fitness and workout videos and my Uncle Scooby will be everything else like my “How to get rich” series and todays video on how to live to live it up at age 99:

I am slowly moving non-fitness videos over from Scooby1961 to UncleScooby: