The Amazing Human Body

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Many people simply do not realize what an amazing machine the human body is or what it is capable of. Guys love lifting weights because the results are so visible but years of cardiovascular training has its own rewards. If you think your powerlifting/crossfit workout… Read More »The Amazing Human Body


What women want

Last night I saw #GarthBrooks on TV in Yankee Stadium and you could tell the thousands of the young women in the crowd adored him. I had a funny thought while watching. If Taylor Lautner at his prime was standing next to Garth Brooks on… Read More »What women want



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There is no “best workout”, only a best workout for a particular person at a particular point in time. Since introducing my free custom workout planner at LeanMuscleSystems a year and a half ago, over 400,000 people have made custom workout plans to suit their needs perfectly.… Read More »LeanMuscleSystems


Ask Scooby!

People keep asking how they can ask me a question, its easy!! I do NOT answer questions by email, snapchat, Facebook, YouTube or SMS – only thru this forum! I am completely fine with you signing up to ask a question and then cancelling… Read More »Ask Scooby!

Cheap weight plates

I always tell people to get their weight plates used because the used ones are just as good as new ones and are a fraction of the cost.  In fact, if you are patient you can often find weight sets for free from people who… Read More »Cheap weight plates