New supplement builds muscle 13.5x faster than creatine!

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This new supplement builds muscle 13.5x faster than creatine and 3x faster than pro-hormone supplements. Finally a supplement that builds muscle fast! Am I natty? Well technically, but this supplement has given me an unfair advantage that has given me this physique that is remarkable for a 55 year old. Please share this, its really important!

If vegetables were a drug, they would be the #1 best seller! A paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology analyzed 95 studies looking into the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables for more than 2 million people on multiple continents. After taking other factors into account like smoking, activity levels, and weight, they found that eating 10 servings of fruit and veg a day was associated with a 24 percent reduced risk of heart disease, a 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a 33 percent reduced risk of stroke, and a 13 percent reduced risk of total cancer.  There is no drug available from any pharmaceutical company that comes anywhere close to these miraculous results, not only that, but vegetables have zero side effects and cost only a fraction of what drugs costs.

My free meal planning software at CustomMealPlanner.Com has made over 2 million meal plans for fitness and health minded people.  The most frequently reported feedback is that people think there are “too many vegetables”.  Now you know why.  Not only are non-starchy vegetables one of the easiest ways to lose bodyfat but I have always intuitively known the importance of vegetables and now we have a huge meta-study that points to the value of vegetables.

Statins are one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world, its a market worth 29 Billion, thats $29,000,000.000 – yep you read that right.  26% of people over 40 take these statin drugs in an effort to lower their cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.  Not only do these statin drugs have a lot of bad side effects, but they are not as effective as vegetables!  Statins only lower the risk of stroke by 17% compared to the 33% lower risk from eating vegetables.  29 Billion dollars would buy a heck of a lot of vegetables.

What does it say about our society that people would rather pop a bunch of really expensive pills and eat their Big Mac and pizza rather than eating a healthy diet consisting of minimally processed foods and lots of vegetables?

New supplement builds muscle 13.5x faster than creatine!

Ok, so you have been tricked, I wanted to do a little experiment. I had a theory that a post about some stupid unbelievable supplement would get 100x the reach on Facebook than a really important post that could save the lives of thousands. Please help prove me right by sharing this post as many places as you can! I want this message to be heard. People today seem to assume they are invincible. Who cares if Muscl-X-Plode kills one in 500 people, “it wont kill me and I want big muscles“.  People are intentionally harming themselves and assume that advances in science will provide the cure before they need it.  This blind faith in medical science is completely unwarranted!  The YouTube videos spewing marketing BS about supplements and shortcuts are the ones that people eagerly watch by the millions.

Every day is Groundhog Day in the Supplement Industry

People are pissed because they were truly expecting to hear about the latest wonder supplement, you know, the one that gets all the hype … and then completely disappears next year when people figure out its useless and the next wonder product comes along. Every day is groundhog day in the supplement business and yet, people dont ever catch on.  Every year, people scoop up the new and hyped product know that THIS one will be the one that gives them the physique they always wanted … only to be disappointed again.  STOP LOOKING FOR SHORTCUTS! There are none.

For some reason, people eyes glaze over when you talk to them about health and simple things they can do to avoid diseases that will drastically reduce their quality of life after age 40. Here is a video in a similar vein about fat loss, the Ancient Inca Weight Loss Miracle: