Triathlon Results!!!

Success at my triathlon! Despite only having 3hrs sleep due to jet lag I ran a good race. Before this race my best time was 3:19, I beat that time by 11 minutes! I feel ever better about my time considering I had my travel bike with the tiny wheels insted of my cool road bike. In addition, I swam this race without a wetsuit. They drag reduction caused by increased buoyancy woukd have cut several minutes off my time. All in all Im very very pleased although I didnt break the 3hr barrier as I had hoped.

I lost 7lbs of fat for this triathlon to see how it would affect my race with interesting results. My hope was that by weighing less, the 10km run which is the third leg of the triathlon would be faster. Indeed it was. Last triathlon I had to walk for a few stretches becsuse of my knee but this time I made it the whole 10k without stopping and at a much better pace. I dont have the breakdown of times yet but Im sure I significantly beat my prior race run pace. The bad news is that lean people sink and that 7lbs fat I lost for this race would have provided drag reducing buoyancy. The race was a swim start meaning we treaded water till the gun went off. I have never had to work so hard to keep my mouth above water! That 7lbs fat lost converted me from a partial floater to a lead sinker. Wish I coukd have used a wetsuit but I didnt have room in my suitcase and I had no luck finding one nearly big enough.

My 40km bike ride wasnt bad, It wasnt as fast as my road bike but was certainly fast enough to blow by the weak cyclists. I did get passed by 4 or 5 cyclists which really crushed my ego because I consider the biking my strong leg and this is tge first triathlon ever where I have been passed. Dont be too impressed with that statistic, its only because Im such a slow swimmer :)

Anyway a great race, Im psyched for next year because I know I can break the 3hr barrier.