Eating healthy at the breakfast buffet

My first German breakfast!

OK, its not really Traditional German but a typical breakfast buffet at a German hotel. This is a great example of how to eat healthy at a restaurant. The buffet had the most tempting array of greasy meats, cheeses, fried potatoes, sugary pastries, and untold simple carbs but there are always healthy choices! The raw salmon is common at breakfast buffets and its awesome, lean protein and omega III fatty acids – score! The fruit is great and the whole wheat bread for some complex carbs. Muesli is great for carbs too, its just oats mixed with fruit. I would have had it but oats are Ive eaten for 48hrs and I was beginning to feel like a horse. Call me weird but I think German coffee is the best in tge wirld! Its strong and has a great flavor, I think its their water.