Scooby arrives in Hans’ Homeland!

The triathlon is over and the Tour de Hans is about to start. Although the race is over, my body remembers it well. I always get bad chaffing wounds from cycling in sopping wet shorts and that keeps me walking like a saddle sore cowboy for a few days. In addition I have my normal post-race stiff knee which completes my funny newbie-cowboy hobble. By the way, it goes without saying that I competed in the triathlon shirtless!

Here I am arriving in Frankfurt at the airports train station to start the Tour de Hans. No, Im not wearing a shirt! I dont own one and nobody has given me one yet! By the way, my travel bike is in the suitcase in my right hand and my food supply and cycling gear is in the suitcase in my left hand. By the way you will note I am not wearing one of my charesteric hats, this is so people dont recognize me. Downside is that without the hat I lose all my superpowers. :)

I have a few days to nurse my wounds before starting on the Tour de Hans. Had a great dinner with Evilcyber who is the AskScooby forum master. I have to admit it, I did drink beer but there are no photos to prove it so Im safe. I dont know if this makes it better or worse but I had it mixed with fanta orange. In Munich they mix it with 7-up, had to try the local mix.