2011 Amazing Fitness Success Stories Winnners

Announcing the 2011 scoobysworkshop fitness transformation winners! Please vote for the grand prize winner! Please ask your friends to vote too!

These are ordinary folks who thru hard work and dedication have accomplished extraordinary physique and health transformations! This years scoobysworkshop success stories contest had so many amazing contestants that I literally cant choose, I need your help in deciding. Please vote for who you think should be this years scoobysworkshop success story. Please vote for both categories, the muscle gain success story and the weight loss success story. Make sure to read their stories by clicking on the pictures, some of them are incredible! You can only place one vote for each, if you want support your favorite contestant then forward this voting link to friends. Regardless of the outcome of this vote, each and every one of these people should be incredibly proud of what they have accomplished – every single one of these people are winners in my book!

Please read their stories, you might find someone just like you. You too can transform your body and be next years scoobysworkshop success story! To be a weight loss success story start by reading how to lose weight and if you want to be a muscle gain success story, start by reading about bulking up. Start now by taking your shirtless ‘before’ pictures, 2012 contest details will be announced in late summer.

The grand prize winner chosen by you will get 3 days of personal training from me, and if they want, I will interview them about their fitness journey on my youtube channel.