Bodybuilding on a budget

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Bodybuilding on a budget is actually really easy, and its healthy too! Here are recipies and a meal plan to build muscle and get stronger on just $5 per day.

There is lots of money to be made in supplements which is why so many forums and personal trainers push them – to get rich.  The truth is that simply eating real food is just as good for muscle building and its al heck of a lot cheaper.  Expensive “stacks” of supplements make your wallet thinner and thats about it.   Eat real food!  Not only is it cheaper and healthier but its just as effective for muscle building!  You can feed yourself optimal nutrition for bodybuilding on just $5/day.   

Make a budget bodybuilding meal plan, for free!

Here is how to make a budget bodybuilding meal plan tailored to your precise metabolic rate and goals.   This free week meal plan will use foods that pack a maximum of protein, vitamins, good fats, and anti-oxidants in with a minimum of cost.  

  1. Sign up for a free account in 30s, no credit card or email address required.
  2. Enter your weight, height, age, and your goal (bulk, cut, recomp)
  3. In menu bar at the top , select “Week Meal Plans”, then from the dropdown list, select “Broke Bodybuilder” and click on “Create Week Meal Plan”.

Done.  In less than 60 seconds you have a custom budget meal plan for the week optimized for your metabolic requirement. 

If you want you can look at this sample mealplan for a 160 pound, 20 year old male.   You can easily prepare all your meals for the week in a few hours on the weekend and freeze those portions you wont use immediately.