Aging Bodybuilder Series

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A workout video about something I am an expert on – this is the start of my “Aging Bodybuilder Series” where I discuss the issues and solutions to lifting into the sunset years. People often ask why I now do more “blah blah blah” videos and fewer actual workout videos now, its because every exercise imaginable has 10,000 videos on YouTube already. What is totally lacking is workout information targeted to those over 50. The information that is on YouTube is all idiotic like Mark Rippetoe saying that squatting is good for everyone, even those over 70 or naive kids like kiddobody spewing nonsense. There are some videos put out there by medical professionals like Athlene-X but since the over 50 group is not his target market, few of his videos are appropriate for us. The problem with getting older is that shit happens and different shit happens to different people. You cant come up with a “over 50 workout” because its going to be different for everyone based on whether its arthritis that is the problem or a bum knee. What IS possible is teaching folks how to intellilgently work around their issues. How to do what they can to improve without making existing problems worse. When to see a doctor for a physical therapy prescription and when to stay home.