Deep Work by Cal Neuport

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Scooby, how are you so productive?

I get this question a lot and I never really thought about until yesterday when I listened to Cal Neuport, author of “Deep Work” on the Hidden Brain podcast and found myself getting really excited and nodding my head a lot saying “yes, yes, thats what I do!!!” I build airplanes, write software fitness tools, remodel houses, run a fitness channel, manage a forum, and still have plenty of time to exercise.   The reason I got so excited is that I have tried to cover this topic in my “time management” series but many people find this difficult so I got really excited because this “Deep Work” approach is another thing people can try and Cal Neuport describes it in a way that I could never articulate.

I actually seem to use a combination of the “Deep Work” and “7 habits of highly effective people” techniques. [Note: I have not read “Deep Work”]. I use the “7 habits of highly effective people” technique of list making.  A long term todo list, monthly todo lists, weekly todo lists, and daily todo lists but I use the “Deep Work” technique for actually getting stuff done.  I set aside big blocks of uninterrupted time where I can get into deep thought and tackle the big problems.   Its amazing when you have shut off the outside world and get completely absorbed into deep thought.  Last night listening to this podcast, I learned there is actually a term for this – “flow state”.  LOL!  My next video:

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I crack myself up!