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Americans have been convinced by decades of advertisements that building muscles requires protein powders, pills, and supplements. No!

Eat real food!  

In the decades since Arnold became famous, the Madison Avenue marketing whizzes have done an amazing job of brainwashing the American public into thinking that the way to build huge muscles is to take supplements. People who are muscular see this every day because when you fill up your tank at the gas station, the person behind the register will usually make a comment something like:

“Wow, you are huge! What supplements do you take?”

News flash. Guys got muscular long before creatine, protein powder, and BCAAs were available in 3 pound tubs and before steroids were invented.


Protein powder is not magic. The protein in yogurt is 100% as good for muscle building as any isolated whey protein powder and its a lot healthier. The protein in eggs is 100% as good for muscle building as any isolated whey protein powder and its a lot healthier. Protein powder will not build muscles any faster than real food and its not nearly as healthy. Next time you are at the gym, grab a tub of protein powder and look at the list of ingredients that looks more like a paint formulation than something you should eat.


Many bodybuilders take all kinds of vitamins pills. EAT REAL FOOD! The best way to get vitamins is by eating vegetables and fruit. Getting the nutrient from a pill is never as eating the real thing.

Skip the EFA pills and get your essential fatty acids from eating real cold water fish or by eating chia or ground flaxseed.

Skip the metamucil and eat legumes, vegetables, and fruits!

Confused about nutrition?

If you are confused about nutrition then you are in good company.  Nutrition is not taught in schools any more.  Your parents were not able to teach you about nutrition because they were never taught either.  Unfortunately that leaves the advertisers who will gladly tell people what they need to buy, but unfortunately, what the advertisers recommend is not healthy nor cheap and it leads to the dreaded skinny-fat condition.  

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