Announcing $1000 success stories grand prize winner!

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There were so many amazing fitness success stories in 2013 that it was agonizingly difficult to choose a grand prize winner because every single one of you are winners in my book. Because of some unfortunate events this summer, my scheduled announcement of the winner was delayed so its too late to do a video with the success stories winners like I did with Alyssa and Kyle.  I replaced the grand prize with something better though – cash prizes! Not only that, I decided there was no way possible to narrow it down to just one grand prize so I decided to give FIVE prizes instead!

Announcing 2013 fitness success stories grand prize winner(s)

$1000 first prize
Jim used to weigh 315 pounds.  Not only did he lose 139 pounds which is awesome but  but what is even more inspiring is that his transformation was not just weight loss. After losing the weight he did his first half marathon at age 38!  A true fitness success story and an inspiration!
weight loss muscle gain success storyweight loss muscle gain success story
$500 second prize
Michael gained nearly 60 pounds in two years.  Incredibly hard work, strict nutrition, and a puberty growth spurt let Michael pack on this weight.  Way to go Michael!!!
weight loss muscle gain success storyweight loss muscle gain success story
$250 third prize
Riku gained 24 pounds of solid muscle in 2 years with hard work and determination.  He is a great example of the benefits of bodybuilding for teens.  The strength, the mass, but most of all – the confidence that makes all else possible.  Thanks for sharing your success story so that other self conscious, skinny teens can be inspired!
weight loss muscle gain success storyweight loss muscle gain success story
$250 fourth prize
At age 21, Avi was 330 pounds with high blood pressure – a situation all too common for young men these days but Avi showed us that it CAN be turned around.  With just good old nutrition and exercise Avi lost 110 pounds and got his blood pressure under control!  Way to go Avi!  Teen obesity CAN be beaten!
weight loss muscle gain success storyweight loss muscle gain success story
$250 fifth prize
Robert is 66 years old and is a true inspiration.  Losing 13 pounds is great but what is really awesome is that Robert went from not being able to do a single pullup to being able to do eight sets of 8 pullups!  Thats more pullups than most teens can do!  (12/23/13 update – Robert can now do 10 sets of 10!!!) Robert is a great reminder that anyone can get stronger, leaner, and more muscular regardless of age!!!!
weight loss muscle gain success storyweight loss muscle gain success story

If you are one of the above winners you will be getting an email in the next 24 hours asking for your paypal account so I can send you the prize money.  Remember that unlike other success stories contests, this is not just about looking better, its about becoming stronger and healthier.

2014 Fitness Success Stories Contest

Yes, there will be a 2014 success stories contest and it will be announced this week, and yes, it will have the same $1000 first prize, $500 second prize and $250 third, fourth and fifth place prizes!  I have decided that I want to give people added motivation to achieve their goals.  Its easy to make a new years resolution – I want to give you motivation all year long to work to achieve the goals you make on New Years day!

Start thinking NOW about what fitness and health goals you want to achieve in 2014!

Stay tuned for the 2014 contest announcement and official rules!!!! I want to help motivate YOU to get in the best shape of your life in 2014.

NOTE: In my contests I have always tried really hard to make sure that the success stories I present are honest and authentic.   Bear in mind that I do not have any staff and nor any assistants, its just me and I do not have the resources to do complete background checks on every person who enters my contest. I make a good faith effort to only present legitimate success stories and am quite good at smelling faked or exaggerated entries.  None of the people entering this success stories had any idea that there would be cash prizes involved for winners because I didnt decide myself until this week.  All the people entering this contest were expecting to win was a signed t-shirt – under-promise and over-deliver is what I say :)  Anyway, the point is that no one entering the contest had any motivation to cheat.