Robert Shows Us Age Is Not A Barrier To Fitness!

weight loss & muscle gain succesFirst Name: Robert
Age: 66
City: Oakland, California
Before: February 2010 – 148 lbs.
After: April 2013 – 135 lbs.

Hi Scooby,

I’m Robert and I live in Oakland, California.

I don’t really consider myself a body builder, and I have not lost a tremendous amount of weight. However, you and your website have helped me change my life.

At 66, I’m probably one of your older (and hairier!) followers! I’ve never been terribly overweight (155 max), and I’ve always been pretty active. But when I got into my early 60s I began feeling “old,” and I made a resolution that I’d “get back into shape.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but as a teenager I was able to do pull-ups, and that’s what I determined would be my goal: I decided that if I could do 10 consecutive pull-ups, it would be a sign that I was in “pretty good shape.”

I followed your advice and as part of your beginner’s and then intermediate programs, I began doing “negative” pull-ups. It took me 6 months to be able to do 10 pull-ups in a row! I never gave up. Now I do 8 sets of 8 wide-grip pull-ups as part of my regular routine. (My friends are amazed; I am too!)

My 3x week home-workout takes 40 minutes. I do 8 sets of the following circuit: pull-ups, legs, abs, flys/presses, chinups, triceps, shoulders, and pushups. I only use 8 to 15 lb. dumbbells (at my age it’s more important to me to avoid injury than to pump iron), but much of my workout uses my own body weight. My cardio consists of 3-mile brisk walks a couple of times a week; plus I walk pretty much everywhere I go.

You really had an impact on my diet! I now eat 4 or 5 meals a day. Whole grains, vegetables, canned kidney beans, fruit, and fresh, smoked, or canned fish are the staples of my diet. Breakfast is steel-cut oats, fruit, raisins, and nuts. I have a shake every day: Plain Greek yogurt, frozen banana, OJ, and soy-milk. Dessert is a square of dark chocolate (50 cal) twice a day. Water is what I drink!

I’ve developed a V-taper, and my wife confirms that my chest and arms look great. Not only do I feel strong, I am strong!

Thank you, Scooby, for helping me, and for all of the great work you do for so many people.

Robert, you are an inspiration!  8 sets of 8 pullups, you rock!  Most teens cant do that.  People often use the excuse that they are “too old” to strength train, you are a perfect example that 60’s is still very young when it comes to lifting.