Jim’s Incredible Fat Loss Story

Jim’s Incredible Fat Loss Story

weight loss & muscle gain succes

I want to share my success story with you. Your site, YouTube videos, as well as your Facebook page has been extremely helpful and aided my weight loss journey.

My name is Jim, but most of my friends call me Tess which is short for my last name. I am 38 years old and live in a suburb just outside Memphis TN in the town of Hernando MS. I started my weight loss in October 2011. At that time I weighed the most I have in my entire life at 315lb. Since turning 22 and changing career fields being an Aircraft service technician to a computer engineer I struggled with weight. I tried every “easy” way of losing weight that you can think of. Fad diets. Weight loss drugs; over the counter and prescription. However, it wasn’t until I realized there was no easy effortless way to do this and decided to read about nutrition and proper exercise techniques.

Your workshops are one of my primary resources to both dieting and exercising. I watch your videos regularly and check both your website and Facebook daily. Since starting my weight loss I am happy to report I have lost a total of 139 lb and my weigh in today is 176lb. I am still work in progress as I still have a lot of toning to do, but I am now very active running 5k and 10k regularly and doing my first half marathon in May. I am also following your strength guides and will start the process of building my muscles to provide a better tone to fill in the lose skin and lose the remaining fat.

I want to thank you for the public service you do.



Tess you are a true success story!  Going from 315 pounds to doing a half marathon is just incredible.  I am sure you have inspired friends and family – way to go!