organic protein bars

I’m really excited! For years I have not been able to recommend any pre-made protein bars at all because they are so full of *^#$ which is why I have always recommended that people make their own home-made protein bars and bulking bars.

Finally though, there is an organic protein bar! Even if you dont care about the “organic” label, consider this, it holds manufacturers to a MUCH higher standard. No preservatives, no toxic artificial colors, no GMO ingredients, no pesticide residue.

I always recommend making your own when you can, its so much cheaper, but if you dont have time to make your own home made protein bars but need the convenience of a healthy meal bar that you can eat on the go, consider getting some of these!


The protein source in these bars is from brown rice, obviously a plant source. No, brown rice does not have as good an amino acid profile as chicken, fish, beef or whey but when you are just having one or two as meal replacements, all the other foods you are eating during the day can provide what the brown rice protein might be lacking.