From Sickly To Athlete

From Sickly To Athlete

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hello Scooby,

My name is Avi, I am 22 years old. I am from Holon, Israel.

The before photo was taken at 1/7/2011, my weight was 330 lbs (150 kg), now I am 209 lbs (95 kg).

I remember myself fat my whole life, at the 7th grade I reached 95kg and at the 10th grade I was 130kg. I’ve managed to get to 150 kg when I got to 20, by Sitting on a desk at work and eating processed foods for the entire day, and doing zero exercise.
When I first started doing cardio, I was barely able to move, my cardio was just shooting a basketball and chasing it, today I am able to run 6 km with no rest. In the past when I was around 18 years old, I had some blood pressure problems, but thanks to the healthy way of life I live today, its all gone, not only that,at a medical check up I was amazed to hear the dr. askIng me if I am an athlete because my RHR is below 50. It didn’t make sense that anyone, especially a doctor will ask me if I am an athlete, since just 1 year ago I was obese and barley able to walk with my huge legs. The biggest thing that changed In my lifestyle is my nutrition, in the past I was eating anything and everything. Today all my food comes from whole grains, lean chicken and meat, fruits ,oats, vegetables, beans healthy fats, no sugar, no salt, no process food, my friend knows when we do BBQ they keep aside some chicken breast with no salt seasoning for me, and they know to buy a big bag of vegetables. These days I work out 4 times a week doing your intermediate workout, and cardio almost every day. today I enjoy food more than the past because I know that I am eating healthy, improving my health and building my body, not destroying it with processed food like I used to. There is no greater satisfaction than to overcome your bad desires and doing what is good for you and not just what you want. I’m still struggling to get rid of my remaining extra wheight, but I know I am now on the right path, and am enjoying the journey. I now just live my life this way, and am more than satisfied living this way of life. I can’t really describe how much my life changed since I started losing weight and living a healthy life. Thank you SO MUCH Scooby you truly changed and saved my life.

Avi, thank you SO much for sharing your story!  You are living proof that life threatening obesity CAN be turned around.  I cant believe you went from high blood pressure to a RHR of less than 50 – incredible health transformation.  You are truly an inspiration.   For those of you who dont know, a resting heart rate this low is the true sign of someone in very good heatlh :)