Chocolate For Weight Loss?

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Can eating chocolate regularly make you thinner?  A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine and reported on by the BBC seems to think so, its certainly a wonderful thought.  The study found those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average,… Read More »Chocolate For Weight Loss?

Bodybuilding Talkshow

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Scooby’s Bodybuilding Talkshow   Please join me for a live question and answer talkshow on YouTube/live on Sunday the 18th of March!   The event takes place at 1:00pm in Sydney, for times in the rest of the world please see this.   This Q&A is to… Read More »Bodybuilding Talkshow

Vegetarian Bodybuilding

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Vegetarian Bodybuilding Can Vegetarians Gain Muscle And Be Bodybuilders? You bet they can!  I’m a vegetarian and it hasn’t hurt me any! :) Vegetarian bodybuilders are at no disadvantage whatsoever and can gain as much muscle as their meat eating training partners.  How can this… Read More »Vegetarian Bodybuilding