Bodybuilding Talkshow

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Scooby’s Bodybuilding Talkshow


Please join me for a live question and answer talkshow on YouTube/live on Sunday the 18th of March!   The event takes place at 1:00pm in Sydney, for times in the rest of the world please see this.   This Q&A is to give my subscribers and fans in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand a chance for a live broadcast as the prior four live broadcasts have been in the middle of the night for them.  I apologize to those of you in Europe, you will have to stay up *really* late to participate.

I will have my complete home gym at my disposal so you can ask about form on particular exercises, you can ask about basic fitness,  bodybuilding nutrition, sports, weight loss, abs, my hat collection – or whatever.  Please join me for this live broadcast!  I will be answering questions posted in the YouTube video comments as well as on my facebook fan page Get Fit For Free.


Options for Watching on the 18th of March

First a note, if when you are trying to view the video and get an error message, wait a few seconds then refresh your browser.  There are two options for watching this live broadcast, listed in priority order:

  1. Watch from the below embedded video in this page, this is the preferred option as I have total control over this.
  2. Watch on the YouTube Live page, at the start time it will be listed in the “Live Now” section.


[Edit: Here are the questions that were asked during the live Q&A session and where to find them courtesy of YouTube user Hoontae:]

1:27 Lose water weight
4:10 Over training legs
6:20 Cold temp to lose fat
8:00 HGH good
8:52 Lose belly fat
10:40 Best cardio
12:10 Pec/arm bigger
14:44 Stronger, no mass
16:50 Lateral side raise
18:30 5’7, 17″ arms
20:20 Stunt growth
22:40 Pets
23:20 Protein shakes off day
25:55 15yr, big arms/delts
27:40 Hans
28:09 85% heart rate
29:30 To failure/joints
31:50 Caffeine
34:30 Cut carbs
36:40 Bent over rows
39:00 5 pack
40:10 Comp/Simple carbs
41:40 Protein shakes safe
44:25 Gain muscle/lose fat