White Party Palm Springs


My husband and I love costume events, we should really do a comicon someday.  In 9 days we are going to the 2019 White Party in Palm Springs and I will be recycling my Lone Ranger costume that I wore back in 2015 right before my men’s physique contest when I was at 6% bodyfat.  No desire to get back down to 6% because I didnt like how gaunt my face was so my goal is 7.0%.  I am at 7.75% now with 9 days to go.  Although I wont get all the way down to 7.0% I will be close.

Many people will say they “know” that I am not at 7% bodyfat now so let me give you my 3 skinfold measurements:  pec 3mm, quad 4mm, belly 11mm – plug them in and you get 7.75%  scoobyswork.shop/body-fat-calculator/  Honestly, bodyfat measurement is a meaningless number and you should not fixate on it. What is really important is health, strength, and the mirror.

We are not late night people and we are definitely not “partiers”.  If you are going to this event and want to see us you better get there right when they open like we do because we leave long before midnight, just look for the big white hat :)