summer mini cut, lose 2% bf in 3 weeks

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I designed CustomMealPlanner.Com to help me with my nutrition for my men’s physique contest back in 2015 and have used it ever since then for all my nutritional planning.  Its awesome others like it as well, but I made it for ME :)

This is a great example, 3 weeks ago in one of my titled “How to lift when work drains you” I mentioned that I was at 9% bodyfat and wanted to be at 7% bodyfat in 21 days for the White Party in Palm Springs that we are attending this weekend.  Precisely as the bodyfat charts predicted in that video 3 weeks ago, I arrived at 7.1% today.

A mini summer cut is straightforward but its not easy.  You have to cut out all cheat meals and eat only what CustomMealPlanner.Com tells you.  I guarantee you that you will NEVER BE HUNGRY even at a 25% caloric deficit and that is because there is so much natural, unprocessed high fiber foods in the meal plans.   If you are not willing to cut out cheat meals for 3 weeks, weigh your food, and cut the alcohol then you dont have what it takes to do this.  Do you want to cut or not?