You don’t deserve to lose weight!

You don’t deserve to lose weight!

There is a simple reason that many of you cannot lose weight, its because you don’t deserve it! People who are chronically overweight have this thing about “deserving” treats. They have a bad day at work so the “deserve” that cake with dinner. They have dieted hard all week so they “deserve” pizza. Let me tell you the hard truth, the reason you are obese is that you have eaten food that you do NOT deserve! “Deserve” has a simple scientific definition. If in a given month you have burned off the exact same number of calories as you have eaten, then you “deserved” all the calories. If you eat more calories than you burned off then you did not deserve the calories AND YOU ARE GOING TO GAIN FAT! We are not lab rats. Food is NOT a reward. If your eating is tied to depression, stress, eating disorders, or other mental problems then the only way you are going to lose fat is to seek medical help.

If you are really good with your diet but still cant lose weight, let me describe what is happening to you. You are really good with your nutrition. You measure everything and count your calories religiously. You eat lots of vegetables, avoid fried foods, and stay away from sugary beverages. All week long you are really, really good. Then the Saturday night comes and for all your hard work you decide you DESERVE a cheat night so you play poker with your friends. You start playing at 6pm, have a few beers with chips and peanuts, then around 8pm you eat a mini 12″ bacon cheeseburger feast pizza and a few more beers until you quit at 11pm. You don’t gorge yourself, just three slices of pizza, a bowl or two of peanuts and five or six beers.

You do this every week and you don’t lose a single pound despite your hard work dieting, what is going on? Is your metabolism low? Do you have metabolic damage? Do you have thyroid problems? NO! The problem is that you are thinking because you were good for 6 days and only bad for one single evening that you will still lose weight, ITS NOT LIKE THAT. All that matters is that at the end of the month you are at a caloric deficit. It is very hard to get a caloric deficit in a day, most people are lucky to get a 400 calorie deficit on a consistent basis so over the 6 days you have a 2400 calorie deficit. The problem is that in todays world it is scarily easy to consume massive amounts of calories quickly even without being gluttonous. Take the poker night. A bowl of nuts, three slices of pizza and five light beers – lets tally your evening

410 calories – 1/2 cup peanuts
1440 calories – 1/2 of a mini 12″ bacon cheeseburger feast pizza from Dominos
550 calories – 5 light beers
2400 calories

In one single evening, you just neutralized an entire week worth of dieting. THAT is what is happening. The reason you are not losing fat is that when you tally ALL your calories over a month, you are simply consuming too many. I don’t care if you diet strictly for 29 days and just have one cheat day, its not a day tally, its a CALORIE tally that matters.

So next time you start to think about what you “deserve”, think about what I have said here!