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Many people have made their New Years Resolutions by now and the excitement level is high.  Motivations are high and expectations are higher.  January is the month that gyms become profitable because of all the new members flocking in.   Things happen.  Life happens.  Its unfortunate, but by mid February, many of those people who bought the gym memberships are no longer going regularly.  They get injured, their motivating wanes, or they get discouraged that results are not coming as fast as they had hoped.  Thats where a good support community comes in!  The trouble with many online fitness communities is that they are plagued by trolls, troublemakers, and “know-it-all” armchair quarterbacks who don’t know nearly as much as they think.    Between the insults hurled at you, the product sales pitches disguised as advice, and the bait thrown at you from the trolls, its tough to tell the good advice from the garbage.  Of course I am biased, but sweat4health is one of the best supportive fitness communities around.  I spent a lot of time on and an anonymous fitness board so I have seen whats out there and sweat4health is different.  The private nature of the community and the token monthly fee to become a member does amazing things to improve the quality of the community.  We have a lot of different viewpoints but they are all discussed in a civil fashion without the flame wars that become an everyday occurrence on other forums.  There is nothing like talking to someone who has just accomplished what you hope to accomplish to give you a helping hand.

Anyway, consider joining Sweat4health!  Meet me (Scooby) and other sweat4health members at the San Jose FitExpo private party!

What are MY goals?  Glad you asked!  I always practice what I preach because I hate those “do as I say, not as I do” people.  Every year I publicly state my goals, I may not achieve all of them but I always make a good dent in them.  Read my goals and training, excerpt of my 2015 fitness goals here:

  1. Bike across Burma
  2. Complete a half Ironman and better last years time by 10 minutes
  3. Get top 3 in a men’s physique completion
  4. Swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz

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