Adrenaline rush cardio

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Adrenaline rush cardio

Adults seem to forget how to play. Watch this short video on my wicked high speed bike ride.  If your cardio is not this fun THEN YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!  Cardio is what kids call “playing”, its FUN.  Awaken the child within!

For many people, cardio is something they dread.  Cardio is just a checkbox on their daily todo list that the have to do because the doctor told them to.  If this is how you feel about cardio then you need to find something else to do!  I have done this hill hundreds of times and I never tire of it.  If plodding on a treadmill at a stinky gym doesnt float your boat then try a rock climbing gym, ultimate frisbee, or a pickup game of basketball.  If you love doing it, it will become part of your everyday life and something you look forward to!