My Goals And Training

My Goals And Training

I harp on everyone else to have fitness goals, so here are mine.  If you want help coming up with *your* goals and a plan to accomplish them, please see my three lecture series on time management for success in bodybuilding page.

Although gaining muscle mass and strength is a reasonable goal for a 20 year old or a senior citizen who has never been involved in fitness, its not a reasonable goal for me because I long ago reached my genetic limit. As I have gotten older I have had to change my goals to be more realistic and age appropriate. In my late 40’s I realized that I wouldn’t always be able to do 100 pound dumbbell flys and I needed to come up with some more age appropriate goals so I got interested in triathlons. My goals now are about staying healthy, fit and active. For me bodybuilding is a tool, not an end in itself. If I end up looking great, that’s wonderful, but it’s a byproduct of my goals not the goal itself. I want to play beach doubles volleyball better. I want to be able to run farther and faster. I want to be able to swim faster. I want to keep my blood pressure and lipid levels in line thru exercise and good nutrition, not medications. Bodybuilding is a tool that helps me accomplish these goals.

So lets talk specifics, I always harp on people to have measurable, specific goals for 2015.  Its going to be a doosey of a year!  I am going to list non-fitness related goals as well so you can see what I am up against.  I have a lot on my plate in 2015!

My 2015 Goals with the most important first:

  1. Finish building my airplane
  2. Write automated software for running success stories contest
  3. Start my new company, (aviation, video, solar, or machining)
  4. Fitness Trifecta! Accomplish the following within a 4 month period to show that form does follow function and that you can look good by being an athlete instead of just seeking “aesthetics” and limiting your physical activity to dingy, fluorescent lit gyms.
    1. complete a half Ironman and better last years time by 10 minutes
    2. get top 3 in a men’s physique completion
    3. swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz
  5. Bike across Burma

2014 was a bad year for goals.  The below was my list of goals and I only accomplished one of the three.  I put a *lot* of my time into building the airplane and made a lot of progress but its still not done.  As often occurs in life, several large construction projects popped up that required me putting my stated goals on the back burner.  A failure, no.  The projects that popped up *were* more important than my goals so I had to re-prioritize.  I did play a lot of volleyball in the spring but failed in the summer and fall.

  1. Play beach volleyball once a week, March thru October of 2013
  2. Complete much more difficult Half Ironman course than last yearGoal Accomplished
  3. Finish building my homebuilt aircraft!
  4. Start doing some new and innovative workoutsGoal Accomplished

My goals for 2012 were:

  1. Complete a double century (200 mile bike race) without using sag-wagon.Goal Accomplished
  2. Complete half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56mile bike, half marathon)Goal Accomplished

My goals I set out and accomplished in 2011:

  1. Get my shoulder back in orderGoal Accomplished
  2. Better my time on the olympic triathlon by 5 minutesGoal Accomplished
  3. Run my first 20k without stopping or walking. My current personal best is 15km.Goal Accomplished
  4. Do first half marathonGoal Accomplished


Anyway, those are my current fitness goals – what are yours???