Last Free Chat Before Success Stories Contest!

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Last Free Chat Before Success Stories Contest!

Saturday the 8th of November (click for start time in your time zone) is the last free chat I will be holding at Sweat4health before you can take your ‘after’ photo so this is a really important chat! To chat with me costs nothing, if you are not a member, click here and select the free membership option.

Its time to get ready for those after photos, your final cutting should be well under way if you are losing weight.  Please read about how to take good selfies!  The chat is a great time to ask about that if you have questions.

Remember that the ‘after’ photo MUST be taken during the month of December.  Here are the official contest rules, all of your questions should be answered there.  Just remember, this is a real contest, there are no exceptions to the rules – its a legal thing.  To win one of the cash prizes, you MUST adhere to all the rules.  BUT, you can still enter if you don’t meet the requirements and get an honorable mention!  I wont commit to this but I might be giving out t-shirts to the honorable mentions.  :)  So if your ‘before’ picture is blurry or is from several years ago, still submit your story but realize that you will not be eligible to win the cash prizes.

Some confusion about the progress diaries.  No, you don’t need a progress diary at sweat4health to enter.  You don’t need a progress iary at all BUT you must have some method of documenting your progress.  It could be a string of facebook photos or instagram photos, or whatever, but it needs to provide a consistent and 100% convincing proof that you accomplished what you said you did during 2014.