Exercise is addictive

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So I guess that exercise really is addictive. I really dont know how people do it. The ones who dont do anything physical, day after day, week after week. Park their cars close to the front door, take the elevator, etc.

For two and a half days, I havent walked more than 100 feet and havent done anything physical and its killing me. I am just ITCHING to do SOMETHING physical. My body craves exercise and I want to feel TIRED. I love feeling exhausted.

I truly believe that you can make good habits addictive. Everyone likes to feel good and consistent exercise makes people feel great. I firmly believe that once people “get over the hump”, that tough first 30 days, that good habits like exercise becomes addictive. It was the whole idea behind the health challenges and the challenge board on Sweat4health. If you can do it for 30 days, you can do it for life!

My ankle is still swollen but I am going to devise a home workout today that can be done entirely from the floor with my foot elevated. I am SO looking forward to it! Its going to be a long, delicious workout.

I have my bike set up in my Kurt Kinetic Trainer but until the swelling goes down, its not the best idea for me to use it. I need to get clever and find some form of cardio I can do laying down.

PS: Swimming might work if I could get to the pool but I cant walk and I cant safely drive.

This is me now:



This is what I crave: