Success Stories – One Week Left To Enter!

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Entries to my success stories contest are due on the 1st of May which is one week off.  This is the last announcement. The next post about this contest will be on the 1st of June to announce the winners!

Get your success stories entries in now!

Because these contests are a lot of work for me, there is a good chance that this contest will be the last so if you are sitting on the fence about entering, I suggest you do it.  Many of you submitted entries over the winter or last year, you might want to take another ‘after’ photo now and resubmit your entry.  Please send a complete new entry, not just the update photo, because its very likely I wont be able to find your original entry.  I am a bit laxer than the rules for the contest seem to suggest so if you are not sure you qualify for the contest, please go ahead and enter.  As long as its clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that its the same person in the before and after photos, and that their has been significant progress made, the before picture can be with a shirt on.  You get the idea, if in doubt, enter.  I would also like to mention again that success stories are not merely cosmetic.  Improving health, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and getting off prescription medications thru exercise are just as impressive success stories as building impressive 8 pack abs where a beer belly was before.  Success stories are not just for teens either, read the stories of Lance and Colin and you will see what I mean.

scoobysworkshop success story

This is Benjamin from San Diego.  I chose him as an example because he submitted his entry today and because he read the instructions on how to submit an entry and did everything right! Not only did he improve his physique but he kicked smoking as well as part of his health transformation.