This is the amazing Colin from Ligmones France, what an inspiration! He is a living example that getting in shape can happen at any age. Not only did Colin make an amazing transformation at age 61 but he did it while battling cancer at the same time! Set those goals and go for it!

Colin writes:

I had been overweight and unfit for two years following a cancer operation and had given up trying to get fit because of the testosterone blocking drugs that I was, and still am, on for the cancer. A friend said to me that I would never get my body back especially being on the cancer drugs and also given my age – that was like a red rag to a bull! A friend who is also a trainer recommended your site to me and that is when it started in December 2008.

I began weight training on a regular basis, three times a week as per your beginner program, supplemented with cv – power walking with nordic poles three times a week. That continued through the summer then in September I upped the cv to 5 miles a day, 5 times a week, and devoted one day to each muscle group each week for 3 months. I don’t have a gym near me, so I bought a bench, weights and pull up bar – that’s it – although it is very hard training alone, you need to be focused. However I am now really pleased with the progress I’ve made, and my drug treatment ends this month so once it wears off and I have testosterone back in my body I expect to make faster progress next year. Thank you for a really great website full of factual information – no bullshit!

Anyway looking at the success stories I noticed these were all young guys. I wanted to prove that being fit and having a good body is not the sole province of the young – whatever your age there is no excuse for not looking and feeling good! I sent in an extra pic because I never thought to take a good “before” picture so needed to show just how much progress had been made.

Thanks again Scooby.