How To Enter My “Contest”

How To Enter My “Contest”

The entry deadline for the success stories contest has passed, I will be announcing winners on the 1st of June, 2013. There are currently no plans for another contest.


So, what are the prizes? Pathetic, I’m sorry. I’m not like those people who sell $97 eBooks and have gobs of money to pay people $1000 for their “success” stories, in my view that just encourages cheating anyway. I dont sell anything, I give everything away for free and all the prizes come out of my own pocket. Honestly this contest is a LOT of work for me, it takes over 200 hours (nearly a month of work) to do it. Why do I do it? Because YOU people have busted your butts whipping yourselves into shape the old fashioned way with just hard work and good nutrition and you deserve recognition for your accomplishments! Even more importantly I do this because its so incredibly motivating! When someone who is out of shape finds a before picture that looks just like them, the success story gives them great hope that they too might be able to build an amazing physique at home, without buying anything! Thats why I do this contest! OK, so I still havent answered the question, what ARE the prizes Scooby?

  • I will be giving out somewhere between 20 and 50 exclusive signed scoobysworkshop t-shirts to those people who get selected to appear on the success stories pages.
  • One grand prize winner gets three days of personal training from me and I will interview them on my YouTube channel like I did with Alyssa and Kyle last year.  I will fly to where ever you live to do the training and interview with the exception of Antarctica, Greenland, and countries designated as dangerous for US tourists.


If you want to see more success stories or post your own you can do it free on the AskScooby progress diaries forum!

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