This is Lance from Canyon Lake Texas and I love his success story! Many people lose loved ones to obesity but few do anything constructive about it. At 338 pounds, Lance was set to follow his mother to an early grave when he decided to take his health into his own hands and turn things around. Its never too late to lose weight! Look at Lance, he went from clinically obese to 6-pack abs. At age 39 Lance has a better physique than most 20 year olds! If he did it, you can too!! Looking great is only the gravy, the true benefits Lance got are his vastly improved health and his newfound life-energy! What’s even greater is that his success inspired his wife to lose weight as well. Congratulations Lance!!!

Lance writes:

“Hello Scooby,
My name is Lance. I am 39 years old. I live in Canyon Lake Texas.The before pic was taken in 2008 at Padre Island. The after pic was taken a few months back at my house.
My mother was morbidly obese. I was also. After her death at 58 years of age, I knew I could easily end the same way. I have 5 children and was not going to leave them and my wife due to my terrible habits! I joined a gym, started to run as far as possible. about 1/2 mile in the begining.I read books ,magazines and watched a lot of videos on youtube. Funny thing is the 1st few videos i found on weight loss were Vince Del Monte. He had good points but i Felt he was a bit smug and full of himself. I got a laugh when you reviewed him on your website. I was very lucky to stumble across you. I started following your plan.Within a few months the fat just melted off. after 6 months i was fitting in to size 38 jeans. I was in size 50 slacks!Today i can fit into my teenage sons size 30 jeans. I follow your advanced weight training. i only rest on sundays. I run 7 to 9 miles a week and bike 20 to 30. I now have a vigorous lust for life,time and living. Like clock work im up at 5am, i do a little cardio to get the heart pumping. i like to watch total body sculp with Gilad it comes on at 5. I do go to a gym still. its 10 bucks a month and my job allows me a lot of free time. I have searched yard sales and am building a home gym piece by piece. My next challenge is carb cycling. I have the small buldge around the belly button. I kind of fear its loose skin from my past. I cant get rid of it. I hope the carb cycling is what i need. i will post pics if it works.

My wife and children are great, there are times when i come home late because of gym time. They know in the long run its for the best. After changing my familys eating patterns my wife even dropped 30 lbs!

Thanks again for all the incredible work you do.
You made my journey a lot easier.
Very warmest regards