Is Scooby Gay?

Is Scooby Gay?

Yes, Scooby is gay.  If you are one of the few people left on the planet who does not know I am gay, please watch the below video.  If you dont care if I am gay or not, good for you, neither do I!  I care FAR more about fitness, health, triathlons, lifting weights, beach volleyball, flying, software design, and building airplanes than I do about sexuality issues. I know that many people choose to be defined by their sexuality but to me, that is as unimportant as eye color.

Why not just stick to fitness?

Some have asked why I am making a big deal about the “gay” thing and why I don’t just stick to fitness.  That is precisely what I wanted to do, and precisely what I had done for years until I was doxed.  If you are tired of the whole “Scooby is Gay” think then I suggest you take this issue up those who have chosen to make a big deal of it because my preference was to keep my private life private.  I always wanted to keep my videos, Facebook, and scoobysworkshop website 100% about how I could help YOU get the physique you wanted rather than have any spotlight on me.  This had nothing to do with being closeted, embarrassed, or fear because all my friends and family knew that I was gay and were supportive.  The only reason I wanted to keep private things private is that I didn’t want my fans attention diverted by things I considered unimportant, like my sexuality.   

The only way to disarm people who constantly disrupted video comments with “Scooby is a FAG” type comments was to make sure that everyone knew and nobody cared – check. Now lets get back to stuff that really matters – YOU and your mental/physical well being!

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