The Dangers Of International Travel

dangers of international travel

In the USA, the goal of TV and internet “news” is to evoke strong emotions and this is done by either intentionally making people very angry or by trying to scare them. Nowhere is this more apparent than with coverage of international news. Watching the news you would think that vacationing outside the USA is like signing your own death warrant when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you look at statistics, if you are really concerned about being murdered you would leave the USA because very few countries are more dangerous than where we live.

It never fails, before I leave for any country outside the USA my fans stream in the warnings of how dangerous that country is and list some horrible crime that happened 5 years ago. This is precisely why it is so important for people who live in the USA to travel to another country once in awhile so they learn first hand that what they are hearing in the “news” is greatly exaggerated or completely untrue.

International travel is not as expensive as you think. Skip restaurants for four months and you will have saved enough to visit Hong Kong if you live on the west coast of America or enough to visit Ireland if you live on the East Coast.

PS: I would like to thank YouTube user “AL From Russia” for illustrating why I am turning off YouTube comments when I retire on New Years Eve.

Here is the video he commented on: