There is no healthy amount of alcohol

Why I stopped drinking alcohol

I stopped drinking alcohol on September 12, 2019. It started a year ago with the huge meta-study of health effects of alcohol and a health challenge started by a Florida member of sweat4health sealed the deal. I would like YOU to join me in the No Alcohol for the rest of 2019 challenge – here is why:

  1. Easy fat loss! There is no question at all, if their is “one weird trick” or “shortcut” to getting sixpack abs its to cut out all alcohol.  Not only is alcohol high in calories but it does not satisfy your hunger.  Even worse than that is alcohol enables you to feel good about making really bad nutritional decisions. When stone sober you would not think of eating an entire bag of chips (crisps) if you were cutting but after a few beers and a football game, the bag is empty.
  2. Save money!  Eating out costs a lot more than most of us realize but there is an easy way to get half off at any restaurant!  Simply dont order alcohol! Alcohol is a high profit margin item at restaurants and we found out that by cutting it out, our total bill is 50% what it used to be!
  3. Improve your health!  By stopping alcohol you improve your health in virtually every way.  You lose bodyfat, you get more REM sleep, you avoid all kinds of diseases and organ damage.
  4. Become more productive! Even with a margarita every night I am a very productive person but in retrospect, I discovered that after that 7pm margarita my productivity dropped to zero.  Now that I am not drinking, I find I get incredible amounts done in the evening.

HANS: I though red wine was good for you!

Nope. A meta-analysis of 600,000 participants showed that when you look at the WHOLE health picture, any minor health advantages from drinking are vastly outweighed by all the negative effects.

Saying red wine helps prevent cancer is kind of like saying that crystal meth is good for fat loss – both might be true but that doesn’t mean its good for you when you look at the whole health picture!

I made a mistake

I admit it when I screw up and with alcohol I screwed up. I fell into the trap that I warn others about which is not to cherry pick research which tells you what you want to hear. I like a margarita every night and I wanted to believe that it was good for me, or at least not bad for me. I have a zillion hobbies and every day is go-go-go and a margarita helps me to slow down, relax, and chill with the husband. With those stupid news reports about “red wine being good for you” it was easy to convince myself that this nightly delicious, sweet, salty concoction was good for me.

After October of 2018 the huge alcohol metastudy of over 600k people was released which showed that there is no healthy amount of alcohol, period. It took me about half a year to mentally process this and realize that I was wrong and would be a total hypocrite if my YouTube preaches health thru cardio, clean nutrition, and a low stress lifestyle while I continued to have a margaritas every night. Then a and a Florida member of sweathealth started a health challenge that sealed the deal. On September 12 I dumped out all our alcohol and we have not had a drop since.

Its been almost 4 weeks now without alcohol and my commitment is thru January 16, 2020 then I will decide where I want to go from there. Again, please join me

No alcohol for the rest of 2019!