Why knowing bodyfat percentage is important

optimal nutritional style for gaining muscle

Bodyfat percentage is just an arbitrary number.  The mirror and the waist size are what is important – not some arbitrary bodyfat number.  Having said tgat, there are two good uses for bodyfat tracking:

1. determining how well a weight training program is working to add LBM. 

2. Cut planning. 

To track LBM gain and know how well a weight training program is performing at adding muscle, bodyfat tracking is essential. Note that what is important is precision, not accuracy (see graphic). Skinfold calipers are cheap, quick, very precise, and very easy to use with a little practice so they are optimal for LBM tracking – far better than DEXA scans or submersion pods which are accurate but not precise. 



For precise cut scheduling, knowing your target bodyfat is essential. For example, the 3 week mini-cut for summer I just completed. I knew that at 7% I would look the way I want and was able to schedule my cut from 9% to 7% to the exact day using the bidyfat prediction charts included on all CustomMealPlanner.Com meal plans.