Why do I toss the yolks?

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I get questions all the time about why I throw out the egg yolks when they are “good for me”.  Yes, we now know that eating dietary cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol which in turn leads to heart disease.  Yes, I know that yolks have lots of vitamins and minerals which is why I eat one yolk a day in addition to the 20 egg whites.  We buy about 9 dozen organic eggs a week and all the yolks go down the garbage disposal.  For those saying that its a waste of food, please read this.

For those who think whole eggs are better than egg whites and full fat greek yogurt is better than nonfat yogurt, let me ask you this – Why do you use protein powder?  Let me tell you, because it has lots of protein!  When you are cutting, its really hard to keep within your caloric budget and still get enough vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants, and protein.  Because protein powder is nearly pure protein, it helps you get your protein macro without busting your caloric budget.  Same reason I toss the yolks and use nonfat yogurt!  I am a pseudo-vegetarian and my primary sources for protein are legumes, egg whites, and greek yogurt.  Because the legumes have so many carbs, its even MORE important that my other protein sources be nearly 100% protein.  Egg whites are 100% protein.  Nonfat greek yogurt is about 80% protein. This is why I toss the egg yolks and use nonfat yogurt.

For those of you still shaking your head and know that tossing the egg yolks is still wrong, I issue a challenge to you – prove it!  After a decade I have finally built the nutritional tool that I always wanted, its a meal planner that rates your recipes and meal plans on their ability to help you gain muscle, lose fat, and improve health.  Take a look at the meal plan above, the free low carb meal plan that the system built for my cut here has a muscle rating of 80/100, a fat loss rating of 100/100, and a health rating of 70/100.

Link to actual low-carb meal plan

My challenge is this, go ahead and build a meal plan with a 25% caloric deficit like this one using whole eggs and normal yogurt and try and beat my muscle building rating of 80/100.   Here is the link to the new CustomMealPlanner.Com where you can build your meal plans and have them rated. What you will find is that if you use whole eggs and full fat yogurt is that you will not be able to get sufficient protein if you are cutting because of all the fat calories, but hey, go ahead and prove me wrong!


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