Jarrow ruins chocolate whey protein

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Jarrow chocolate whey protein powder has resistant maltodextrin and Luo Han Guo which are “100% natural” but so is mold and I dont want that in my whey either.

There is a good reason that I always recommend getting unflavored protein powder and adding your own flavors and sweeteners, this is a great example.  Two years ago when I wrote Top 5 Best Protein Powders, Jarrow’s chocolate formulation was fine: just whey, cocoa powder, and stevia.  Now they have ruined it.  LOL!  They claim its “100% Natural”.  Last time I checked natural products cannot be trademarked, take a look at the list of ingredients.  By the way, their unflavored is still my #1 recommendation and its what I still use personally.

People have come to the defence of Jarrow and said that Fibersol-2 also known as “resistant maltodextrin” is natural.  To that I reply that mold is natural too and I dont want that in my protein powder either.

As far as Luo Han Guo, why on earth did they put that in?  Did Jarrow even google it before adding it to see what Lun Han Guo uses and effects were?  Are they hoping to get stupid people to buy their product by just adding a Chinese herb – “oooohhhhhhh” a new muscle-gains super-supplement!  Jarrow, you were better than this – past tense intended.