Crazy YouTube Logic!

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I  didnt deny killing the hitchhiker so clearly I am guilty of MURDER!  I have to laugh, people on YouTube use the craziest logic sometimes.  Take the last video I did, “Does Scooby Do Steroids“.  Its a long video where take pains to present all the information and provide people with tools to gauge what are reasonable natural muscle gain expectations (muscle gain calculator).

The YouTube haters latched on to the fact that I never said “No, I have not used steroids“.  Honestly, it never occurred to me that I needed to say that!  Why would I have to?  Its 100% clear from my health orientation, my goals, my endurance cardio, and my 30 year physique history.   Their crazy logic is that since I didn’t say the magic sentence THEY wanted to hear, I obviously was guilty of steroid use – LOL!  I didn’t deny robbing the bank, so I DID! I didn’t deny using heroin, so quite clearly I DO! I didnt deny cheating on your wife so obviously I am having an affair! I  didnt deny killing the hitchhiker so clearly I am guilty of MURDER! Some things you just shouldn’t have to deny and this is one of them!

What are reasonable muscle gain expectations?  Really, when you boil it all down, that is the only reason why knowing if any of the YouTube fitness trainers use steroids or not, to determine if the muscle mass gain they achieved, and are promising that others can gain, is actually possible.  The fake natties are a dime a dozen on YouTube.  People who have achieved stunning amounts of muscularity before they even get their drivers licenses claiming that they did it naturally and that they can show you how you can get “all kindz of gainz” too!  These people deserve to be exposed.  Giving people false muscle gain expectations just to make money is cruel, immoral, and unethical.

From the beginning, I have pushed the idea that muscle gain is a very slow process.  Its why Vince DelMonte and Mark Rippetoe were some of the first people in my Fitness Hall of Shame, for promising 50 pounds of muscle in 6 months which is just criminally insane.  People used to make fun of me all time time for telling people they could only expect to gain 10 pounds muscle in a year but I stuck by my guns.   If you want to make money and get lots of subscribers, you do NOT give bad news like this.  If you want to be popular, tell people exactly what they want to hear.  Tell them there are shortcuts to sixpack abs.  Tell them the YOU have the secret to gaining muscle FAST.  These are scam artists pure and simple and I have always crusaded against them with my mock infomercials.  My muscular gains over my entire 31 years of lifting were actually well under what my bodybuilding expectations page gives as possible.  What I preach is possible in terms of muscle gain is in line with natural bodybuilding and its in line with what I personally achieved, QED.  Which other YouTube trainers can say that?

When it comes down to it, it doesnt matter a rats pattotie what me, Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus, or Zyzz did. You are you. What YOUR ability to gain muscle is has nothing to do with others. All you can do is workout as hard as you can, eat clean, and sleep enough – end of story.

Intelligent people like my fans do not want meaningless sound bites.  If Jay Cutler makes the definitive statement that he has never used steroids, are you going to believe it?  Of course not.  Intelligent people are not interested in being spoon fed information and being told what to think.  Intelligent people like my fans want information so they can decide for themselves.  My YouTube channel and website is my best attempt to provide this information.  My video “Does Scooby Use Steroids” provides that information and yes, its takes 8 minutes to provide it.  Doing a 30 second video saying “No, I have not used steroids” like the TLDR haters want would be an insult to the intelligence of my fans.
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