Treat or meal? Rethink nutrition!

So after a month of eating clean, Scott and I decided to go out for a slice of pizza. It was SO good! Indescribably good, I even added more parmesan cheese to soak up the oil that was floating on top, soooo good! Then we realized why it was so good, we had not had pizza in over two years. What an incredible treat!


Then it hit me, this is exactly where the developed world has gone wrong. Things that should be occasional treats have become everyday meals for most people. Pizza is a treat. Cheeseburgers are a treat. Enchiladas are a treat. Hot dogs are a treat. Meatball sandwiches are a treat. “Treats” are not once a week for “being good” either, they are once a month or once a year, because any more frequently than that and it will interfere with good nutrition.

Rethink nutrition! Start thinking of unprocessed simple foods as your meals, the things you eat day in and day out. Meals like will plan for you. Think of anything that comes from a fast food restaurant as an incredible treat, but something that happens no more than once a month.