Contest Prep – Week 7

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So, its been seven weeks now and I am basically where I want to be, within a percent or two.  Yesterday morning when I woke up, I was scary vascular – a look I don’t particularly like.  Right now the skinfold caliper reads 7mm at my bellybutton which is the point of my thickest fat deposit.  I think I may try to get it down to 6mm, maybe 5 but we will see.  The mirror may say otherwise.  Its always better to get a bit leaner than you want and because its easier to add the last week than it is to subtract.

Letting you in on a dark secret that I have only hinted at before I have a BAD sweet tooth. Many people say “I do too” but they have no concept what mine is like. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is intravenous sugar addiction, I am a 9.8. I normally do a LOT of cardio so I have a lot of discretionary calories, at least normally, not now as I am cutting for my contest mind you. Anyway, I would think nothing of eating an entire 16 oz jar of Nutella as a cheat meal. Other sugar favorites are those containers of pre-made frosting, a dozen donuts, and an entire bag of halloween candy. Now mind you, I would only have these treats every two weeks or so and I definitely burn it off with all my cardio, but I think you understand the depth of my sweet tooth now. BTW, its genetic and my dad’s is just as bad as mine.

Anyway, 7 weeks ago I started a 25% caloric reduction to cut for the mens physique and as part of that I lowered my carbs from about 60% of my calories down to 20-25% now. In the last 7 weeks I have only eaten plain, unprocessed foods – the kind of meals my meal planner spits out.

Today it hit me, I have not had a sweet craving in seven whole weeks! That seriously is a personal best for me! Its not that I know I cant have my frosting/Nutella/donuts because of the contest – its that I don’t crave them anymore. It hit me after my training ride today, I wanted a cheat meal and you want to know what I craved? Crazy! I craved an Avocado and salsa! I took the pit out, piled in my organic salsa, and spooned it out – it was amazing!

So anyway, if you have cravings for unhealthy food there IS hope. You CAN retrain your taste buds but it takes time and patience. If I can suppress my genetic desire to suck down sugar, you can change your bad cravings too!

I didnt feel like doing a speedo photo like I have been so I did something fun.  I love my snakeskin boots, sparkly rhinestone belts, and big hats!  Seriously, if you can’t have a little fun with clothes then what *can* you have fun with? :)

Its been 30 years since I have been able to fit into that waist size 33!  I have WIDE hips and 33 is about the absolute min for me.