Live YouTube Q&A Friday April 17

Friday April 14 is live YouTube chat, here is when it starts in your time zone.  If you want to ask questions, just do the 30 day free trial at sweat4health and then cancel afterwards – thats fine. You will have to go thru PayPal vetting to establish identity but will not be charged for 30 days. I will only be answering questions from the sweat4health chatroom.  Like last time, I will chat a bit about what is going on (the unplugged part) then get to the questions.  Here is the live video, remember that its dead until the above start time


Here is last month’s live Q&A

1:23 Scooby being Gay
9:20 Being rich advice
12:23 Bacon Wrapped Crust Pizza lol!
16:13 Why not answering in YouTube, FB etc
16:49 What are the goals of 2015?
17:07 Aeroplane updates
18:25 What is Scooby’s fitness goal?
21:55 Swimming
26:02 Are squat shoes worth it?lifting belts..etc
31:09 Spending on running shoes does it worth it?
34:29 Low carb
40:52 What is the best exercise for lower Abs?
43:13 Do you have any opinion on enjoylient
46:25 Best way not to indulge in social event without being awkward
50:05 Does consuming higher amount of protein when you are in calories deficit result in muscles loss?
54:40 Research, how much to eat, how many rep, rest…(Sharing)
1:03:53 whats your attitude towards current YouTube fitness industry?
1:09:12 Burma trip, Biking
1:11:41 How much protein per body weight should we eat?
1:14:41 Any plan on doing more live broadcast? with live workouts?
1:17:45 whats next? pool in facebook etc..
1:19:19 Time management
1:21:19 Is it Okay to workout sleep deprived?
1:24:19 When you are in the calories deficit are you limiting your strength?


A HUGE thanks to YouTube subscriber zCLUBz who time indexed the whole video!!!!


scooby unplugged

Live Q&A with Scooby