Scoobys Back! Exercise and workout videos in 2014

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Scooby’s Back! Exercise and workout videos in 2014


The last year I have been doing videos about health, cardio, and losing weight.  For the rest of 2014, I am going to be doing exercise videos and workouts!  Over the next 3 or 4 months I’m going to show you some cool new exercises and then we are going to put them together into four very special workouts:

  1. Maximum time efficiency workout, same gains in 1/2 to 1/3rd the workout time.  Its great when we have time to do a leisurely 5 day split workout but we don’t always have time for that.  Time always seems to be at a premium and this workout plan will give you a maximum of strength and mass gain in a minimum of workout time.
  2. Amazing whole body workouts you can do with just a small $5 SRX suspension trainer, great for travel or home gyms.  If you travel a lot for business you know that hotel gyms are often rather pathetic and often you don’t have time to seek out a real gym.  With these SRX whole body workouts you will be able to get a killer whole body workout no matter if you are beginner, intermediate, or an advanced bodybuilder.  These workouts will also be great for those who want to workout at home and either don’t have space to store a weight set or cant afford one.
  3. Workouts to help you do one armed pushups.  One armed pushups are not a parlor trick that is only useful to impress your friend.  They can help build pec mass, shoulder strength, but most of all they can help you build a core of steel. Believe it or not, one armed pushups are *very* dependent upon a very strong core.
  4. Speaking of core, amazing core workouts to build rippling core, help prevent lower back injuries, and improve sports performance.  These workouts will go way beyond the rotisserie core workout.

All these exercises will be ones that you can do at home or at the gym and they will rather unusual exercises that you probably have not done before.  To do these exercises will require two things and the third is optional

  1. A DIY SRX suspension trainer, $6 and takes just minutes to build  (or a $200 TRX system)
  2. A used dumbbell set
  3. Kettlebells (optional).  If you don’t have them I will show you how to make a kettlebell from a dumbbell, a piece of rope, and a short length of plastic pipe.

So thats where we are, some exciting new stuff coming the second half of 2014.