8 years on YouTube!

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Today is my 8th anniversary on YouTube! My first video was uploaded on Aug 1, 2006 and it has 40 million views now:

The quality is pretty awful but back before YouTube I was self hosting. Back then, I had to pay bandwidth charges for every byte downloaded so my videos were small and short so I could afford the hosting fees. I was just interested in illustrating the exercises in the easiest way possible and video was much better than words and pictures.

Then I started hearing about this “YouTube” thing where you could host videos for free, sounded too good to be true so I didnt even look into it for a year or two. Then I finally moved all my videos off my own server and onto YouTube, I was AMAZED at the quality and ease of use. Needless to say I was hooked and I knew that YouTube was going to change the way I was able to spread the fitness gospel. The rest is history :)

Thanks for your support over the last 8 years!!!! The funny thing is that the videos I uploaded this morning were before I knew it was my 8 year anniversary. It was only when Sweat4health members gave me an amazing surprise birthday video that they put together than I knew it was my anniversary. Its very fitting that on my YouTube anniversary I announced going back to workout vids :) If you are one of those folks who put all that work into the video, thank you! Different people are motivated by different things. I am retired and do fitness stuff because its a passion and I feel I can help others by passing on what others taught me. My motivation and reward is when random people stop me to thank me for what I have done for them, the video that Sweath4health members made me was 100X that :) No, you cant watch it, its private :)

EDIT: I thought I uploaded that entire batch of first videos on the same day but I have been informed that this is not the case. Sorry for the inaccuracy, this video was one of those uploaded in the first few months.